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About Us

CoMo Confectionary began in May 2016 to bridge the cake gap in Columbia, Missouri. We value cakes that taste good, look good and bring people together to celebrate all occasions in life. As part of making cakes that taste good, we work in different mediums such as frosting and modeling chocolate. You won’t find fondant in our kitchen because we are firm believers in having your cake and eating all of it, too.

CoMo Confectionary does not have a physical location currently and we function on a catering basis. Cakes can be delivered or picked up at a specified location. But why don’t you let us take on the anxiety of transporting your custom cake so you can just worry about eating it.

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About the owner

Hey there. I’m Carly. When 10 year predictions were made in high school, my class wrote: “In 10 years, Carly Love will be an astronaut, the President of the United States, the….we don’t have time to continue with this list.” I don’t think they included cake decorator or entrepreneur.

I’ve loved food aesthetics from the day I started roller skating ice cream out to cars at Sonic. Fast forward to 2015 when I took a part-time gig as a doughnut artisan where I found my love of food art. It wasn’t until a friend asked me to bake a cake did I learn the joy the comes with cake as the canvas. I look forward to working with you to make a cake that is centered around your special occasion.

When I’m not making cake, I like to spend time volunteering in the Columbia community, serving in my church and cheering on the MU Tigers.